The Ensuite Life: Traveling the World and Avoiding the Toilet at the End of the Hall

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Once past the patrols, Max finds herself in a nightmare version of the American Rust Junkyard. Jefferson, Nathan and Frank Bowers patrol here, looking for Max and making hurtful comments and observations. Here, Max can collect five bottles in order to line them up for an optional photo. There is also the opportunity for a moment of peace , with a "sit" option beside the hideout Chloe and Rachel inhabited. After making her way through here, Max heads towards the bench beside the lighthouse and sits.

While Max is sitting on the bench, it begins to snow. Max finds herself trapped in the Snow Globe sitting on the mantelpiece in the Price household when they were kids. She oversees the scene of her younger self tearing up the photograph of her and Chloe, and again witnessing William Price leave the house. She will receive a text from William which reads:. Don't forget to remind them that you let me die.

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Max's Journal is then corrupted, the entries become violent, contorted and filled with Jefferson quotes. Max's mobile phone will receive texts from alternative timeline Chloe, Nathan, Rachel, Samuel and Pompidou. Max's surroundings fade and she is transported to the Dark Room, where she is once again restrained, and is dressed in her pajamas. As Max stated in her journal entry, the main focus of this nightmare section was Chloe Price.

The first parts of it were perceived by Max from the conversation between Jefferson and Chloe in Episode 4 which has turned into Max's insecurities since this nightmare includes Chloe talking with other people flirtatiously, calling Max names; other people catching Chloe's attention rather than Max which shows Max's fear of feeling inadequate for Chloe. This part of the nightmare starts with Max sitting restrained to the chair, she witnesses many weird character dialogues. First, Chloe and Jefferson talk about modeling. Jefferson compliments Chloe and they both say insulting things about Max, including everyone at Blackwell being over Max.

Chloe and Warren then discuss being into each other rather than Max, and they kiss. The next scene is about Nathan and Chloe, Nathan calls Chloe sexy, asks why she hangs out with Max and they arrange to party and do drugs with each other. Chloe then dances in her underwear on the sofa for Max. Victoria appears; Chloe flirts with her, calling her a real woman, not a little girl like Max. Victoria says Chloe is hot and they start making out with each other. Then Chloe appears in her paraplegic state, and insults Max further.

Chloe, healthy again, then takes pictures of Max, wishing she had never returned to Arcadia Bay. A flash of the camera transports Max to a new location. In the diner bathroom, Max attempts to unlock a coded door. If she fails, the room becomes crowded with graffiti of numbers. The correct code appears in the mirror, which only reflects a single code, which is Chloe's birthday. Max's outfit is the one she wore in the "Dark Room". Max leaves the bathroom to find the diner filled with the town's residents. Each one of them remarks on how bad a job she's doing, and begs her to save them.

Max makes her way to the same booth from earlier in the game to talk to the only animated character there: herself. This is one of the "Maxes she's left behind" who insults her, making it clear that she hasn't used her rewind powers for good.

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  7. This "other Max" looks identical to Max from Episode 2. Chloe enters, and defends Max for the first time during the nightmare. It is possible that this is reality sinking through, as Chloe encourages the real Max outside of the nightmare. A flash later, and Max finds herself in a dark space highlighted by the key moments in the week shared between her and Chloe. Chloe appears several times during the nightmare, and is particularly prominent towards the end. She is depicted in most scenes in a harsh manner, telling Max that she is unworthy of her attentions, or that she should never have come back to Arcadia Bay.

    Her abandonment issues are accentuated, meant to play on Max's guilty conscience. She is also displayed in a more romantic manner during some scenes; bizarrely hooking up with different characters. This is a representation of one of Max's insecurities. One of the final scenes in the diner, however, showcase Chloe as the sole person who defends Max and looks out for her. The scene is followed by heartfelt and prominent moments between the two girls, revealing how close a relationship Max and Chloe have rekindled during the week. Jefferson is depicted as his real self, albeit with his evil and creepy traits exaggerated.

    He first appears in the lecture, starting normally. Later he shows his true side, talking to Max in a very dark and creepy manner. Later he is the first of the people searching for Max, saying how he wants to take her back to the Dark Room. After that, he is shown again in the Dark Room, taking photos of Chloe.

    Warren is mostly seen as a desperate lover in the nightmare. During the maze sequence, he shouts at Max in a threatening way, asking her to Go Ape with him, and go to the movies in his car. He is more forceful than in real life, and his voice is more distorted than usual.

    He is also depicted in a scene with Chloe, in which he disregards Max entirely, opting to make fun of her and ogles Chloe instead. Nathan is seen as a threatening figure throughout the nightmare. He is one of the scary figures on the search for Max in the maze sequence, and appears briefly in a scene with Chloe, similar to that of Warren. Kate is also seen in a negative and threatening way. In the classroom at the beginning of the nightmare, she is in her regular seat and is humiliated by her classmates as usual. However, in the dormitory hallways she makes hurtful comments towards Max, blaming her for her death, or her loneliness as a result of her family smothering her after her suicide attempt.

    Either way, she is mean to Max and falls through the door. David is depicted in a threatening manner too; he is one of the people searching for Max in the maze sequence. He makes hurtful comments as with all the other characters, the dialogue clearly meant to play on Max's conscience again. Principal Wells is featured in a section of the maze as the statues. He makes comments about his alcoholism, and is alerting the school about Max being on the run; he blames her for the deaths of both Rachel and Chloe.

    He also appears as one of the searchers in the maze scene, wishing he had given Max's scholarship to Victoria etc. In the diner scene of the nightmare, he says that he hasn't been the best principal, but Max has indeed been the best Everyday Hero for everyone. The storm in Arcadia Bay is the ultimate culmination of Max's choice between personal desires and the greater good.

    My husband and I are almost done with our master bath renovation. I know. You probably frown on such homeowner behavior. So gorgeous creamy white satin-matte handmade subway tile for the field, creamy white satin-matte handmade square motif tiles Pratt and Larson for the borders. I must say, it looks lovely. But did I ever have to fight with all the nice tile studio people to defend my choice! Some people have an innate knack for design and you sound like one of them. You did have help when it came to the technical stuff.

    See a Problem?

    As for the aesthetic issue with the tile folks. I would never be able to take care of business in a glass cubicle toilet!

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    No thank you. The open bathroom well, in our case, the sinks are open and next to the bed, but the toilet and shower are enclosed with a separate door is the thing I hate most about the apartment I currently live in. I like privacy when I take care of personal hygiene, and I prefer not to see his nighttime routine, either. I look forward to the day when I live in a home with enough bathrooms so that I can claim one as entirely my own. My husband and I have now stumbled across TWO houses in our area with the bathroom in the middle of the master bedroom!

    The first one at least put the toilet in its own closet… sort of. As in, this toilet was four feet away and pointed toward the bed like a couch might face a television. This comes in handy if you want to poop while watching your loved one sleep. Lol, no. I stay off of FB as much as possible, which means I only check it six times a day. I am sure I would be laughing and embarrassing my husband— well, wasband now. By the way- my husband and I have been house-hunting for a new home.

    I gathered that you were house hunting. What a funny post…I had my first real laugh on this beautiful Sunday morning. Thanks for that! But can you imagine my horror when we booked a cruise on the Norwegian Epic, a few years back, only to find out that the shower and separate toilet area, which is located right when you open the stateroom door, are only clad in translucent glass.

    There was a curtain that you can pull on the side where the bed was, thank the heavens above, but nothing was really soundproof or sightproof especially if you were entering the room. It was a very talked about subject while I was on that cruise lol. Yes, shot on the gangplank, is right! What were they not thinking? I intensely dislike open concept homes.

    I like separation. Am I the only one who needs to get away from loved ones occasionally? Finally, I am thrilled to hear that you agree with me; I hate those tile borders in showers, kitchens, etc. I find they just make things look too busy. Another amazing post. No, you are not the only one who needs to get away. I am actually an extroverted introvert or ambivert. I need my alone time, although these days, I often have too much of it. My bathroom came with a border.

    Kind of beige and brown and I hated it, so I painted it—lightly. Hi Laurel, I was just reading more of the repsonses to your public service announcement and was delighted to read about an ambivert, I always thought I was an extrovert as I love socializing, but it exhausts me.

    Which means I am really an introvert. But now I can embrace my ambiness. I learn so much from you! And best of all, you make me laugh — in a good way. I wonder what percentage of people like this open concept ablution lifestyle? Have you heard from them? I think a lot of people are both. I like to socialize but alas my social director died. My dear friend Elaine who died last year was so good about making all kinds of arrangements. I was perplexed I thought maybe a cultural thing? But one owner was from Northern Europe, and another one-from India.. I liked both houses by the way, they had many redeeming qualities.

    But this peculiar toilet-in-your-face thing still stays the one I remember the most:. Here I must add that we have this open plan master suite in our old place, and will have a pretty similar in our new place. The toilet stays in the closet. Overall I think it should always stay in a separate closet, door or no door. Of course there is always a question of square footage..

    Of course we also wanted a shower AND a bathtub.. And a step to the bathtub. And a bench in she shower. That was much more about needs than wants, but needs take space too.


    For now looks real cute.. It was thought out well.. I love your last sentence and actually I think it applies to everything in life. Partners, friends, kids, work— you name it. But my homes are my childhood small ranch with a bath and a half and then everything else has either been an apartment or a townhouse. Sometimes, but not always. We were just hired to furnish a house that our clients purchased, a newly renovated Spanish, could have been a stunner, bungalow. This is most egregious speculation remodel I have ever seen.

    The developers used 9 different materials 4 different tiles, 2 types of marble and 3 different woods in just ONE 5 x 7 bathroom. The other bathrooms all have different motifs. It goes down hill from here. Oh man, I do, I do! I tell them as I have on this blog that a room is a composition and that not everyone can be the star of the show! Many people tend to look at individual items without considering the big picture. Keep the amazing advice and images coming, love your blog!!

    Sounds like you need some professional advice. They ended up extending the wall so they could put a door in. I did know a couple who build a log house in the mountains and purposely had a half wall between their master bedroom and master bath. I thought it was bizarre. The wall came up to your waist. Us humans is funny creatures is all I can say. Not going to happen here in the South where manners and modesty rule. I hate the open to bedroom bathroom in our house.

    The WC is tucked behind a wall. I put up some nice thick curtains so they can be shut to provide privacy. It has worked quite well thus far, but I consider it a short term solution until we are ready to renovate it. The bathroom itself has a poor layout.

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    That sounds terrific Shawna. IMO, all public restrooms should have stalls with walls and doors that go from ceiling to floor. For one thing, it would eliminate all the hoopla over which bathroom transgender people should use. An architect friend of a friend recently ripped out all the walls in his condo and put a shower in the middle of the living room.

    I love being out in public and getting a stall with floor to ceiling walls and a FAN thank you very much! As for men. Now, if everyone would copy this, then post copies in strategic spots. And some of that furniture arrangement seems uncomfortable, but it might be because I would not like to waken facing a fireplace square on.

    While white might be an improvement over cinnamon pink, both fail as purpose-driven spaces. Oh my! Those bathrooms are my worst nightmare. If I was looking at an apartment or house, those would be an absolute deal breaker. All that stuff on display…well…it makes one woozy! For me, walls, a door…with a lock…are necessities. I think the majority of folks feel like this and maybe are afraid to speak up?

    Japanese soaking tub. I know some people who would only manage to get their feet in there. Fantastic public service announcement — oops. I mean fantastic post. Thank you! I do my best! My husband and I are pretty open with one another, but there are some times when we desire privacy, such as using the toilet, and I sure we are the norm. I laughed about your comment about the marital break-up! Now she has severely damaged her digestive system. Hi Jo, OMG! What a story. Poor woman.

    She needs to have a baby. Yes, indeed. Barfing, crapping with lots of people encouraging you to do so! Or else she needs someone like my wasband who spent countless hours belching and farting throughout the day. That is not why we are no longer together. Wow, wow, just wow. I have to say that I kind of love the bathtubs in some of these rooms.

    It feels very elegant and romantic, but why on earth the toilet in the room? If you had company over everyone would have to leave the apartment when someone went to the bathroom or be sequestered to the kitchen? Hi Brittany, Yes, a couple of the traditional rooms look cool with the bathroom. I looked at the last one again and there are TWO hanging light fixtures below the shower head. You are right! A couple of these appear as if the designer applied the open concept to their bathrooms to mitigate visual space considerations.

    Are these rooms in the U. My better half and I are comfortable around each other in the altogether to a large degree, but what about the resale factor? For resale, they SUCK! Not me! I like to keep it all behind closed doors. When we added a full dormer to the upstairs, we simply polyurethaned the beautiful old pine floors and they have worked out quite well. The fixtures are all white and so is the new vanity that we just put in. I bet the floors are glorious! There is nothing quite like an old pine floor.

    Ditch the Hotel: 10 Cheaper Ways to Stay | SmarterTravel

    I was in a bar in Philly in 98 and in the center of the bar was the bathroom, a glass enclosed bathroom and when you went in, the double walls filled with steam. Or toxic fumes, after all it was Philly. It was terrifying I felt so exposed. We have a teeny bathroom in our upstairs rowhome and the people before us took out what I am sure was a very quaint sink and installed a brown laminate particle board monster. With a plastic mirror above.

    For two years til we finally found a door that matched the others, People are terrible. Why oh why did they buy a historic gem, only to render it soulless? It certainly does boggle the mind. This piece was on target…. I love my husband, but when I take a bath, I enjoy my privacy and do not need someone showering at the same time. Ready to read about wood floors in the bathroom….

    It is cheaper than tile but I went with tile for the bathrooms and wood for the guest powder room. No showers or baths in that room! Before our trip, we were warned about it. Oh phew! I am assuming that these folks have guest washrooms that have doors we can only hope. I do like the storage unit in the first bathroom, a great idea.

    I love your comments and ideas. What a crying shame about those historical homes! All too often the emphasis is on achieving something different or new, rather than just achieving something good. I especially appreciate you pointing out the folly of the tile accent strip! Perfect example of a busy little detail that will become an expensive-to-change feature that dates the room! Certainly not all. There are some gorgeous spaces done by brilliant designers, but they all end up on pinterest, anyway.

    I did touch on the order thing and rendering a home completely devoid of all personality in this post about prepping ones home for resale. Love, love, love what you shared about staging for resale! Write on, Miss Laurel! Thank you Cathy! I can always count on you to debunk the crazy trends that mysteriously appear now and then.

    This one is mind boggling. Talk about taking things too far, namely the open-concept plan! Such a pleasure to read your blog on a Sunday morning. Thank you. I am in Germany at present and had no trouble loading any images btw. Things are still not right, but at least you can see everything! Sadly the trend has caught on here too with many of the homes in the large display villages having open ensuites.

    A friend of mine who has just completed a new build had to pay a whole lot extra to have a wall put in to close off the ensuite. What happens to all the steam and condensation?? Great point! And imagine in some already steamy climates? Well, I guess 16 minutes is the magic number because they all came up as I was typing my comment. Bambi Reply Cancel. It is undoubtedly related to my new SSL certificate. Apparently, there are some issues and at this point am not sure what they are. Ahhh… technology. So entertaining and disturbing at the same time! Also, your effort to salvage some of the possibly redeemable examples is generous and charming.

    Thanks for this post. Thanks for stopping by. No open concept anything for me. I want a room for each process of my daily life. One with a door. That is kept closed. No sharing of bodily functions, thank you very much. Each room of my house has its own use, and everyone loves it. They compliment me on the fact that my kitchen closes off to the dining area, and the dining area closes off to the living area. And there are many articles being written with hundreds of people chiming in to say that they are sick of open concepts and want to go back to real rooms with a real purpose and stop living in one big room like a cave man.

    And Laurel, thank you for chiming in. Oh, I just got your other message. I have heard this a few times recently that the images are slow coming up. But thanks for letting me know! No worries. I fixed it, but have to say that the typo kinda worked in this case. As soon as I saw the post title, I kid you not, I flash backed to my first business trip to L.

    My husband and I died laughing. The bed was on some Hugh Hefner platform and the bathroom was adjacent — behind a giant plate of glass. Also: I think that bathroom storage in the main image is so lovely! Laurel Bern Interiors, Inc. Jun 25 Posted in: bathrooms , interior design comments. Please note however, that the blog is meant as general advice. Thank you for your understanding. Facebook Pinterest Twitter LinkedIn.

    Sylvia - June 5, - AM. Laurel Bern - June 5, - AM. Hi Sylvia, I am not familiar with cheap wood effect tiles. Ruth R. Nero - March 1, - PM. Laurel Bern - March 1, - PM. Zequek Estrada - December 7, - PM. Laurel Bern - December 8, - AM. Bella Vici - November 21, - AM. Laurel Bern - November 21, - AM. Marisa Hawk - October 29, - PM. Loved this post — the Natural History Museum pic made me laugh out loud. Laurel Bern - October 29, - PM. Hi Marisa, Oh my stars! Suzan Halterman - October 10, - PM. Linda - July 18, - PM. Laurel Bern - July 18, - PM. Hi Linda, As I was researching this post, I was gobsmacked by how much of this is out there.

    Susan Davis - July 2, - AM. Laurel Bern - July 3, - AM. Diane Johanson - June 29, - PM. Laurel Bern - June 29, - PM. Alice - June 28, - AM. Laurel Bern - June 28, - PM. Hi Alice, Thanks so much. Karen Savage - June 27, - AM. Laurel Bern - June 27, - PM.