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Think Again Inbound Websites Designing Traditional Websites vs. Inbound Marketing Websites. Simply pointing out that they are two different cultural viewpoints. I think that's period is a relatively short period in US history. Most people in the US either came here themselves from a another country, often not speaking the language, or their family did within the last years. So on that alone you have culture of adventure, of not being timid. Many of those people arrived with nothing and now own succes. It is something the US wanted to do.

The far side of the moon is very different geologically. Science-wise it's very useful, but it's also very expensive, but for China the big payout on investment is more about politics and prestige and national pride. So in the US the space program has increased in science value but decreased in political value. NASA does stuff like look at distant objects beyond Pluto also news this week. The whole world isn't glued to their screens waiting to get pictures of Ultima-. Yeah right before the bit that says you're not allowed tattoos or piercing either but you don't see many people protesting outside tattoo parlours.

Eh, not really. All the Torah says about it is "Do not lie with a man as you would with a woman, it is an abomination.

Google's Need for Speed – An Overview - Pilot

There are many commandments that are repeated much more often, and definitely much harsher stuff in other places. I'm hardly an expert on biblical matters more of a fan of the Flying Spaghetti Monster myself, may sauce be upon Him. When Dawkins made this quote it made ignorance fashionable. It requires significant amount of intelligence and effort to decipher that the messages in the Bible are mythological and architypical. To decode the messages in the New testament is a shortcut to developing an understanding of human nature much in the same way a domain diagram describes the design of software behavour.

Human beings still happen to be the most complex creatures on this planet that we are aware of and to deny oneself spiritual de. There are common elements in religious texts that suggest calamity. Flood myths are a very common occurrence and thus unlikely to be "news to the Chinese" [wikipedia. Nothing I have said fits the definition of an Association fallacy [wikipedia. Just because flood myths are common at least as common as floods doesn't mean the Chinese one has anything to do with the Biblical flood. Which is you making an Assertion fallacy [wikipedia. To directly answer the haste and red herring components of your assertion, more and more evidence is surfacing that the flood myths are memories of a global calamity that happened during the Younger Dryas [wikipedia.

Evidence for which is glacial oxygen samples and geological evidence. Likewise, the "stories" of our species preserved in the Old Testament are irrelevant to Chinese culture and history. I'm sure when they first got ahold of a bible, they wondered how they had managed to have forgotten so much. Culture is a subset of our species, therefore the stories of culture are a subset of the stories of our species. That is an acceptable criticism as I had an unexpected lunch offer with friends while I was posting and did not have the opportunity for proper proofreading.

But I will look into the latest flood myth theories, thanks for the prompting. You're most welcome. May I suggest that an investigation of Randal Calson's work on cataclysmic geology of the US is a great place to start. All the best to you Mr AC. For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled. That's pretty all inclusive. And if you actually read the sermon on the mount, it's pretty clear that the standards have been raised above what the law required for Christians.

Not that we do a very good job of living up those raised standards most days. That stopped happening in the late fifties and early sixties. And there weren't really any protests, divorcees were just sorta persona non-grata in polite company. There are so many possible reasons for divorce.

Why do you assume the woman was disloyal and not the husband? Maybe she was abused in her marriage, or there was no love, or whatever? This issue has nothing to do with homosexuality. It would be equally wrong if the priests were diddling little girls. Focusing on homosexuality is a diversion from the actual problem. He basically said laws exist, including divorce laws, because we are sinners, and following those laws don't make us less sinful. He did not say you are necessarily more of a sinner if you get a divorce.

China has been pushing into new areas for some years now. A lot of investment in Africa, for example, with big infrastructure projects. They figure that Africa will be the next big emerging economy and they are getting in early. I wonder if they see space the same way. Put up a space station with international cooperation, just as the ISS is coming to end of life and either being de-orbited or broken up the Russians might keep their bits going. And the moon too, and maybe Mars beyond that. They have an opp.

Google’s Need for Speed – An Overview

For the Chinese, yeah. Everyone else is like 'oh right, well let us know if you find anything cool'. What the Chinese have found is the nearest quiet place free of all of Earth's noise of talking head news broadcasts, video porn, and the like. Gee, what could be done in such a quiet little corner?

Is the long term plan to build a radio telescope there? Or something more prosaic, like a satellite communications site, that would enable them to communicate in private with asteroid exploration and mining robots? You would normally say "worthy of admiration". That explains by Chinese scientists beat the American scientists in placing a spacecraft on the far side of the moon. Is any one else even trying to do that?

Be careful about the "more money" part. The far side of the Moon is quite different from the near side, few maria, lots of craters, thicker crust. After Apollo, the Moon was just not high priority compared to the rest of the solar system and that's why America never went back until recently, not because it was uninteresting. Furst, it's a side poorly understood and very different from the near side. Far more igneous rock and fewer craters. Second, China is comparing it to land it questionably annexed. Is this an indication they're withdrawing from the treaty for outer space and have the means to defend any territory?

Jinping: Flunky, we will invade and occupy uninhabited space rocks for the glory of me Ping: No, we'll need them for Taiwan, I hear there are free Chinese there and we cannot be having any of that. Ping: Holy Cow! Taiwan is replicating, I knew it. Get our military on Super Secret High Alert, we. No relation [kerbalspaceprogram. I would mod this funny but in case some people are really wondering this, every developped country have enough space surveillance to confirm if this is a fluke or not.

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In other words, if we don't heard a "Fake News" from the US, then it's true. I give up, what possibly could they want free of satellite surveillance that requires the far side of the moon? The alleged administration is already preparing to raise tariffs on any moon rocks from China. The illegitimate government of China is going to point to the landing on the far side of the moon as proof they can land on the far side of Taiwan and steal it like they did. One meaning of "dark", when referencing places, is "not known or explored because of remoteness".

Using that definition of "dark", "dark side" and "far side" are the same thing, so the original post is still wrong. I think it is terrible the way you are describing congressional science funding committees. They are the most rootin-tootin gun-fearing defenders of America east, north, west, and south of the Pecos. They are the Yosemite Sams of the Modern Age. But according to Senator William Proxmire, supporting Wisconsin cheese farmers was more important, so it got cancelled. I very much doubt that lunar cheese mines could have competed with Wisconsin, due to the high cost of transport, Grommit.

Don't confuse "American cheese" with cheese made in America. They've got some awesome cheeses in Wisconsin. Though they don't make Casu Marzu or Stinking Bishop. No, it's true! I saw it in a movie! Seriously, when the missions were being cancelled, there was some talk of landing on the far side as something new and different. But that's all it was. China continues to surpass the US in all capabilities, from space exploration to manufacturing to financial management.

The US would do well to learn from China's successes, and in particular the success of China's brand of communism. China's brand of communism is exactly what makes any success they may have "not worth it". Doesn't matter how many planetary bodies they land on, or how cheaply they can make an iPhone; it's not worth the oppressive lifestyle of living under the paw of an evil Winnie the Pooh.

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There may be more comments in this discussion. Without JavaScript enabled, you might want to turn on Classic Discussion System in your preferences instead. Migrate from GitHub to SourceForge quickly and easily with this tool. State news agency Xinhua reports that China has successfully landed its Chang'e 4 spacecraft on the far side of the moon on Thursday morning, Beijing time, becoming the first country in history to touch the lunar surface unseen by those on Earth.

It took the spacecraft three days to travel to the moon, where it spent the last few weeks in orbit preparing for touch down on the Von Karman crater. The crater is a relatively flat spot on the moon's far side. Citing the China National Space Administration, Xinhua said the space probe, made up of a lander and a rover, "landed at the preselected landing area on the far side of the moon at a.

Beijing Time. China put a relay satellite in orbit around the moon in May to overcome that communication challenge. The far side of the moon has been seen and mapped before, even by astronauts of the Apollo missions. But the successful landing of Chang'e 4 represents the first time any spacecraft has touched down on the moon's far side. This discussion has been archived. No new comments can be posted. More Login.

Score: 2. Missing somthing? Re: Score: 2. And the release date for Iron sky 2 Score: 2. Lots of false sightings on the release date. Perhaps they can find it.

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Score: 5 , Funny. Parent Share twitter facebook linkedin. Re:FCn E-rovers Score: 2. Good or Bad Re:Is it just me?

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  • Guide The 10 Commandments for Building a Brand on Google+ (Social Caffeine).

Score: 4. It looks like something from Kerbal Space Program But as long as it accomplishes its mission, what does it matter? Re: Score: 3. So I'm not the only one that noticed that and questioned the logic. Nice Score: 5 , Insightful. Be gracious, lad. This is an achievement worthy of a admiration. Share twitter facebook linkedin. Re:Nice Score: 4 , Insightful. Sorry, the vicious racism and Sinophobia that accompanies any Slashdot article about China will not allow that. Funny, the worst offenders are the ones in other threads proudly signaling their socially just tolerance status.

Re:Nice Score: 5 , Interesting. Why is protecting US secrets a loss? A distorted version Score: 2. Re: Nice Score: 3. Um, what?

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The US has several robots on Mars, multiple probes and robota in queue for further exploration of the solar systen, and is currently landing and reusing rockets. Re: Nice Score: 2. I've just invented colour TV. What do you mean it's inferior and you've moved on to HDR? They watched the original moon landing on black and white. It is not a big deal for Russia or America. Look, if you can land on the moon, you can land anywhere on it. The fact is, that all landings are craft based, not with anything from earth.

BUT with that said, this is the second time that China has landed on the moon. And they have gone to someplace interesting. I say good for them. We need more like this. Re: Score: 3 , Interesting. Re: Score: 1.