Thats Not What They Meant About Guns!

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The right to bear arms: what does the second amendment really mean?

Cody, Wyoming Reuters - The Wyoming House of Representatives passed two bills on Friday geared toward protecting or expanding gun rights in the state, including one aimed at nullifying some of the new federal gun restrictions proposed by the Obama administration. Both bills, which passed , head to the Republican-dominated Senate, where their prospects for passage were considered good. Republican Governor Matt Mead has not said whether he would sign either measure into law.

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One of the bills, the so-called Firearm Protection Act, would seek to invalidate any new federal bans or restrictions on semi-automatic firearms or ammunition magazines. It also precludes state enforcement of those restrictions, if passed at the federal level. The move comes amid a renewed debate over gun control in the United States following a shooting rampage at a Connecticut elementary school in which 20 first-graders and six adults were killed.

So by your argument the first part, a well regulated militia basically authorizes the government to regulate a natural right. Sorry but the founders were pretty smart men. Somehow, I came across this discussion and wanted to add a different perspective. That of an ordinary law abiding, man with a simple desire to do as he likes. A sentiment that is statistically shared by over million gun owners in this country of ours.

I recently became interested in range shooting as a hobby. I also bought my wife a Walther PK semi-auto handgun. After about six months of practice, we both plan on getting our concealed weapons permit, here in South Carolina. I have 20 and 30 round magazines for my AR , and my XDM hand gun holds 19 rounds and one in the chamber. I want the AR 15 to have fun out at the range. Why not something a little less dangerous? Why would anyone need a plus horsepower car when statistics say, cars are involved in more accidents and cause more than a million more deaths per year than all types of gun violence.

More over, these deaths are caused by law abiding Americans, not gang members, criminals, people with mental issues, or psychopaths. I simply want to own an AR15 to work on it, change it around to suit my taste and shoot it. If I want to use it for home defense, I can change the upper and utilize a red dot, a laser, a flashlight and a short barrel for negotiating small areas.

Why should I not be able to do this simple thing that is so clearly my right as a law abiding, responsible American? This country has enjoyed military dominance for more than half a century. Most experts believe this will end within the next 15 to 20 years with China, now a semi dictatorship with a president for life, over taking us. I agree, as long as we have a government that has a credible threat of use. If our country has a government that clearly will go through any lengths to avoid a nuclear conflict, one that seems to be paralyzed from the top down, one that would probably allow Hawaii or Alaska to be destroyed and still pull back from pressing the button in order to save the environment, or sue for peace, what will stop a more powerful country from invading us?

In the near future, at this rate, we will lose a conventional war with China, and they know it. Is there any intelligent historian that believes an invasion of the North American continent under these conditions is impossible? How are we immune to something that has happened to every major country in the history of the world? The answer is equally obvious, people like me owning guns like I own. Another country would be overwhelmed by civilian forces backing up our proud men and women in the military. I work hard everyday, remodeling homes and other residential construction needs.

By all counts, I live a modest lifestyle with few pleasures. One such pleasure is taking my guns out, cleaning and oiling them in preparation for my next trip to the range. A range where Black Americans, White Americans, Hispanics and others, enjoy a few hours of challenging themselves to shoot a little better. I truly believe most 2nd amendment rights detractors think all gun owners are White racist country hicks, when that probably describes one or two percent of us. Everyone rushing to see what was going on, only to stop and back up, when we all saw the gun. If I had been carrying, when he turned and presented a target, I may have had the courage to help that young woman.

As it is, who knows what happened to her. Let me be clear, I do agree with some limited gun laws. Restrictions on age and mental health, to name a few. I do not agree with anyone limiting my right to simply enjoy the gun of my choice, and to be in a position to protect my home and my country if ever called upon to do so. We trust law abiding citizens to wheeled some of the most powerful and dangerous vehicular weapons ever devised by man on our streets every day. Mere 16 year olds drive them, while we faithfully pass by with our babies in the car, not more than a few feet away, at closing speeds of mph and more.

Nearly 1. Around 25, have been killed by guns so far in according to internet sights. Two thirds of gun deaths are suicides. Of those , we can safely assume that more than half were killed with AR style weapons.

13 questions about guns in the United States and the surprising answers - ABC News

Once again, without minimizing these deaths, the public is having this conversation over 60 or so, out of 25, homicides this year. That simple truth leads people like me to believe this is ultimately about finding some way to abolish, or severely diminish the 2nd amendment. Therefor, it only stands to reason that if you put a dent in the 2nd amendment by banning an AR, a semi-auto pistol will be next.

This is what gun advocates hear when you start talking about the 2nd amendment. Prominent, current lawmakers in very high and powerful positions. I consider myself a social liberal, and a fiscal conservative, pretty much right down the middle. I listen to all sides with an open mind, only forming my opinions as people speak, and cementing those opinions when they actually act.

How will preventing me from owning an AR style weapon, stop a criminal from obtaining such a weapon? How does limiting my ability to use high capacity magazines keep a criminal from using them? How would banning every weapon in this country stop gun runners from supplying weapons from Mexico to gang members and criminals hear in the US? Where do you think they get most illegal weapons from anyway, Gun stores? I had to give my life story on an ATF form to get each of my guns. My paperwork is also kept at the point of purchase, or FFL transfer, for any law enforcement agency to view.

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So, for all practical purposes, all firearms purchased in the US legally, even online, are registered somewhere. Even if I sold a gun to a neighbor, I would have to keep a record of where that gun went. Yes, protecting my family, property and country, is the job of the police and the military, and I will call and rely on them, until the day comes when I can not.

After all, at the time the wrote this amendment, citizen militias had just helped to when our independence. Might I add, with military style weapons of the times. The founding fathers clearly realized the deterrent a well armed populous would provide against further invasion. Not armed with knifes, or black powder guns, revolvers, shot guns and the like, but weapons capable of protecting this great country of ours. Hopefully, this gives this conversation a glimpse into the mindset of an ordinary, mildly educated, 57 year old black American.

Someone whose entire family served, but never served himself. Someone raised to believe in God, family and country. Someone who believes that, even in this great country, we all must ultimately take responsibility for our own safety and welfare. This is why I believe so strongly in the 2nd amendment. Why should any Black willingly give up his or her right to defend themselves. Past evidence, or future predictions both demand that I remain as armed as any gang member, drug dealer or criminal I may encounter.

Also, pride in my country makes me, and millions of other AR15 owners, feel justified in owning such a weapon. I believe our constitution is like a house of cards, if we allow one card to be pulled out or weakened, the whole thing falls apart. What have our current scholars been through?

Who are they to question the wisdom and motives of men such as those? If we restrict our guns out of fear of the mentally ill or insane, If we take away civilian fire power because a small minority use these powerful weapons to commit horrible crimes, If we claim that the 2nd amendment was meant for a different time, then we can all kiss this country, as we know it, goodbye. History already teaches us that we have reached the average age of most great empires, all of whom have suffered the same fate.

Do we have some magic spell that makes us different? I think not. The desire to remove all military style weapons allowing a singular will to be forced on all citizens, is what 2nd amendment protectors fear the most. Yet another circumstance the founding fathers meant to guard against. Aside from protecting my property and maybe having to help defend my country, what happens if a government, either directly or through the courts, is able to impose its will on the entire population, were the dissenting populous has no democratic recourse?

This begins to fit the definition of a tyrannical government. Our founding fathers also had the wisdom to foresee such a thing. They obviously put measures in place to prevent it, three branches of government, the ability of states to collectively over turn any government or constitutional prevision, freedom of speech and other personal rights.

But the last stop gap measure is the people themselves. They wanted to insure that, when all is said and done, the citizens of this great country could rise up and change the government, if it became tyrannical like many had done in Europe and the rest of the world. Our founding fathers created a system that guaranteed our right to rule ourselves, unless we freely gave up that right. Many great tyrants throughout history were able to convince people that they would be better off giving up those rights and letting someone else protect them. If we got so far in national debt that we had no choice but to pull our military back, down size and simply protect ourselves.

We could have free education. Man, that sounds absolutely great! However, Those countries that currently have room to try things because of our protection, would be over run by China, Russia, Iran and the like, as quickly as our last troops left their continent. No guns, no resistance. It would be nearly impossible for them to conduct a nuclear war on the same continent. We, on the other hand, could survive for hundreds of more years pretty much with Just a North American Alliance and a nuclear stand off with the newly formed governments of the Chinese, Russian and Persian empires.

Wow, that almost sounds biblical! But really, do any of you intelligent people actually believe that an invasion of this country can never happen? I suggest you go back to your history classes and refresh yourselves on even recent history, before you give an answer to that question. Please just leave the guns alone.

Origin of the 21-Gun Salute

They truly make us a safer nation. Attack the problem where it is. Only criminals and gangs kill randomly and with little provocation. Crack down on them and the places and means that they get their guns. Only people with mental issues or chemical imbalances commit suicide. Prevent them from purchasing guns. Only psychopaths commit mass murders. Honestly, if I thought giving up my AR would stop that, I probably would.

A man carrying two high capacity glocks can do way more damage in a closed in area than an AR. Heaven forbid more people start using shotguns like this most recent shooter. I just believe that, if a person is crazy enough to have thoughts of committing crimes like that, they will find a way. All we will be doing is making ourselves defenseless against it. One thing is for sure, our founding fathers certainly had no intentions of leaving us defenseless.

Does anyone really want to push million adult gun owners to that point? Civil wars have started over less! Play this out. You say give up your guns, I hide them and say no, or I report them stolen. So, that would be about 8 to 10 states against the other I would assume that the military would split equally. I wonder how that war would end? Ok, bring on the on-slot, and please leave my grammar and writing skills out of it. I apologize, the car accident death figure is actually around 40, Car accidents are 1. When you have the Federal vs.

New York City in the late 19th Century had gangs which believed fervidly in the need to be armed. After civilians were caught in the crossfire of too many gunfights in the streets, the Sullivan Act was passed. If you add illegal gun owners, who knows!!! Why do you want to diminish my gun rights to try and stop people, who by their very nature, are not subject to any restrictions you place on me? If you really want to do something, require gun safes if a minor is in the home.

How about mandatory trigger locks in all other storage situations. Make parents responsible for the actions of their kids as long as they live in their households. Did you know only half the states do so now? Mine does, what about yours? Require all such persons to surrender their weapons, if convicted. Have technology that recognizes too many words like kill,…………….. In past times, I recall anyone referencing killing a president, over the phone or online, got an immediate visit from the Secret Service.

Close purchasing loopholes and require all gun sales, whether from a gun store, a gun show or person to person, to go through an FFL dealership or law enforcement office, for a background check. I live in a none registration state, and I still had to fill out an ATF form that almost felt like an anal exam!

But no teachers with guns. A weapon in the classroom is a weapon readily available to a smart, psychopathic kid. In my humble opinion, realistically, a conversation about the 2nd amendment is almost a moot issue. Even if one could completely abolished the 2nd amendment and make all guns illegal, the sheer numbers are just too great! How would you get them?

The potential to spark civil unrest is just too high! As I said at the beginning, that gun ship has already sailed. Blacks in the inner cities and rural projects. Whites in public housing and mobile home parks. Blacks and whites in nice, non-gated neighborhoods. Make sure you get a good broad sample, after all, there are million of us.

Oh, and please refrain from generalized commits about gun owners like the previous post. Ladies and gentlemen , I apologize for crashing your alumni conversation. I just thought a dumbed down perspective would help you reach a conclusion that we can all agree on. This has been interesting. Thank you all for giving me insight into the minds of people far more educated than I. So, if one deigns to believe that government, a monopoly provider of services, can lean toward inefficiency and waste and should therefore be limited or smaller in reach, such a person must also loathe transgender people????

Pity, as I was beginning to feel persuaded. You would think an educated rhetor exposing their argument to the entire world would ask themselves if they truly understood the meaning of a chosen phrase and could defend its use. Very well written Matthew. I am what the NRA calls a butter. I will explain. From what I have seen from us as a species some of us should have their 2A rights revoked. I am talking about domestic abusers, or people with a history violence, or stalkers. Also hard core drug users. The chemist I go to was shot up by a heroin user who proceeded to steal pills. Also those who are affiliated with the KKK or their opposite numbers the anarchist.

Of course they just get their weapons illegally anyway. We should crack down on all of the above. I say you want to own a legal weapon be a good boy or girl and keep your past clean. In our society today, you get the laws you want if you get the judges you want. You could come to any number of interpretations here on the 2nd depending on which path of supporting law you wish to delve into.

Gun nuts will resist any and all logic. They seem to think there can be no restrictions allowed whatsoever. That would be evolution in my mind and I am a gun owner.

More guns, more gun death. Fewer guns, heavy penalties for violation of new laws, less gun death. Right now, the answer appears to be: Not Much. Dwayne Dixon of Redneck Revolt a faction of antifa is shown in a video during the events of Charlottesville directing groups on how to block off roads, and be prepared to use their bodies to do so… oh and he also has a loaded assuslt rifle slung around his neck. That means background checks, training, re-training, licensing and re-licensing, and taking that license away if you run afoul of said rules and controls.

The absence of gun regulations in your country are hilarious. We definately need state militias that are organised and competent with fire-arms. I dont believe so bc the rules and controls are made by the entity these militia are to stand against. Licensing is a way for government to collect more money.. The government cant regulate the group made to oppose them when they go bad… bc the militias only purpose is to stop government from limiting or removing constitutional rights.

Someone with a felony for non-violent reasons should be allowed… id argue even violent bc a militia is a group of would be murders. And on some debates, left. Look at every major city that is run by the left. But, under equal rights, they too can march and express there beliefs. So long as no violence is taken. But to say they can because a few in said marches or protests have committed violent acts is to give legal grounds to lock every American up in a military prison camp. After all, at least one feminist, one illegal, one black, one white, one Asian, one Hispanic, and for that matter, one basic American and so on has commuted a violent crime.

So to punish a whole group based off actions of one or a few is to damn all of us into submission by a government wishing to tack full control. And the list goes on for the entire bill of rights. So long as you lay back and allow a tyrant government to control your every day lives, possessions and children if they decide to let you keep your kids.

To be free dose not mean every street will be safe. But to give up the free way of life will make nowhere safe. Obviously, it could be clearer. The mere placement of commas can change the impact of any portion of the statement. Militia is not synonymous with military. Militias do not have the funding the military has, obviously, and are formed when needed. Individual members bring their own arms. This was the entire purpose of the Second Amendment. The founding forefathers were aware that most governments eventually become corrupt, and that they use the military to keep the people in check.

They wanted to give the people the ability to defend themselves from not only local threats, but also against a tyrannical government. The founding forefathers did not trust government and for good reason. They did their very best to make our government as transparent as possible, with checks and balances, and in the case of a worst-case-scenario, they gave the people the right to defend themselves against a government turned tyranncial, so that they may reinstate a proper government.

It is beyond me why so many liberals today believe that we should just trust the government to take care of us. Take care of healthcare, guaranteed salaries, police us, etc. Have none of them read a single history book? Thanks to the 2nd Amendment, if a party gone rogue were to take control of the government and start taking measures to eliminate all opposition to their power hold, we the people, as a last resort, have the right to assemble and organize into a well-regulated militia and use our guns to fight for our freedom.

I think to understand the phrasing of the second amendment one must look back to the articles of confederation as well as understand the concerns on taxation. The AOC have a similar militia phrase, a major difference was that the state was allowed to tax the people and thus had to provide arms for the militia from state funds. When the constitution was drafted it changed this it was one of the main drivers for the constitution to allow for a federal army funded by federal taxation.

The states then argued that they still needed militias to protect themselves. However, since citizens were being taxed to fund the federal army, they could not be taxed by the state to fund a militia. Hence if militias were indeed necessary for states to maintain their freedom, arms would need to be provided voluntarily by its citizens. They clearly knew weapons would advance.

Mechanical malfunctions of firearms include slamfires , jams, accidental release of the firing pin, and failure of the breech or barrel to contain the propellant. A slam fire is when a cartridge fires immediately upon being chambered, before a trigger squeeze, and is most often caused by a floating firing pin that becomes obstructed by debris, or by an improperly raised primer that is installed on a cartridge case. A slam fire can also be caused by a softer primer being used than normally recommended.

Types of jams include failures to feed, extract, or eject a cartridge; failure to fully cycle after firing; and failure of a recoil- or gas-operated firearm to lock back when empty largely a procedural hazard, as a "slide lock" is a visual cue that the firearm's ammunition supply is empty. When a jam occurs, the handler should exercise extreme caution as a cartridge whose primer has been struck and which has been deformed in a jam can discharge unexpectedly in a "hang-fire". One method of quickly clearing a jammed semi-automatic weapon is tap rack bang.

Firearms may also fire unintentionally for several reasons, including dropping the weapon or when a firearm receives any hard mechanical shocks. Similarly, unintentional firing may occur due to faulty triggers, or excessive heat buildup in the chamber which leads to the propellant cooking off. To prevent accidental firing when firearms are dropped or jarred, experts often suggest using modern firearm designs that have safety features such as a transfer bar or a firing pin block which prevent the firing pin from striking the primer unless the trigger is squeezed.

For older firearms without these features, experts suggest that they should be carried without a round in the chamber, or with the firing pin resting on an empty chamber in the case of revolvers. Firearms may undergo catastrophic failure a "kaBoom" or "kB" due to various causes, some caused by mishandling and others by poor design, weakened parts or the use of ammunition for which the firearm was not designed, but which will chamber and fire nonetheless.

For that reason, the muzzle should never be allowed to rest on the ground or allowed to accumulate precipitation. Another form of mishandling is the use of a cartridge that generates more pressure than the firearm was designed for. Proper storage prevents unauthorized use or theft of firearms and ammunition, or damage to them. A ' gun safe ' or 'gun cabinet' is commonly used to physically prevent access to a firearm.

Local laws may require particular standards for the lock, for the strength and burglar resistance of the cabinet, and may even require guns and ammunition to be stored separately. Access to a functioning firearm can be prevented by keeping the firearm disassembled and the parts stored at separate locations. Sometimes, this rule is codified in law. For example, Swedish law requires owners of firearms either to store the entire firearm in a safe or lockable gun rack, or to lock the "vital piece" bolt, etc. There are several types of locks that serve to make it difficult to discharge a firearm.

Locks are considered less effective than keeping firearms stored in a lockable safe since locks are more easily defeated than approved safes. An unauthorized handler can bypass the locked firearm at their leisure. California effected regulations in that forced gun locks to be approved by a firearm safety device laboratory via California Penal Code Section Some experts recommend storing ammunition in secure locations away from firearms. Handloaders must take special precautions for storing primers and loose gunpowder. While a firearm's primary danger lies in the discharge of ammunition, there are other ways a firearm may be detrimental to the health of the handler and bystanders.

When a firearm is discharged it emits a very loud noise, typically close to the handler's ears. This can cause temporary or permanent hearing damage such as tinnitus. A firearm emits hot gases, powder, and other debris when discharged. Some weapons, such as semi-automatic and fully automatic firearms, typically eject spent cartridge casings at high speed. Casings are also dangerously hot when ejected. Revolvers store spent casings in the chamber, but may emit a stream of hot gases and possible fine particulate debris laterally from the interface between the revolving chamber and the gun barrel.

Any of these may hurt the handler or bystanders through burning or impact damage. Because eyes are particularly vulnerable to this type of damage, eye protection should be worn to reduce the risk of injury. Prescription lenses and various tints to suit different light conditions are available. In recent years the toxic effects of ammunition and firearm cleaning agents have been highlighted. Indoor ranges require good ventilation to remove pollutants such as powder, smoke, and lead dust from the air around the shooters.

Indoor and outdoor ranges typically require extensive decontamination when they are decommissioned to remove all traces of lead, copper, and powder residues from the area.

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Lead, copper and other metals will also be released when a firearm is cleaned. Highly aggressive solvents and other agents used to remove lead and powder fouling may also present a hazard to health. Installing good ventilation, washing hands after handling firearms, and cleaning the space where the firearm was handled lessens the risk of unnecessary exposure.

Firearms should never be handled by persons who are under the influence of alcohol or any drugs which may affect their judgment.

Gun safety teachers advocate zero tolerance of their use. These can affect reaction time, cognitive processing, sensory perception, and judgment. Many jurisdictions prohibit the possession of firearms by people deemed generally incapable of using them safely, such as the mentally ill or convicted felons.

Children who are generally considered too young to be allowed to handle firearms at all can be taught a different set of rules:. The purpose of these rules is to prevent children from inadvertently handling firearms. These rules are part of the Eddie Eagle program developed by the National Rifle Association for preschoolers through 6th graders.

Whether programs like Eddie Eagle are effective has not been conclusively determined. Some studies published in peer-reviewed journals have shown that it is very difficult for young children to control their curiosity even when they have been taught not to touch firearms. Polling shows that over half of parents who do not own a gun have never talked with their children age 5—17 about gun safety. The ASK Campaign urges parents to ask their friends, neighbors and family members if they have an unlocked gun in the home before sending their children over to play.

Older youth age may vary per program, such as 12—18 year olds may take part in a program for safe rifle handling, such as the ones promoted by these organizations:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about techniques for the safe handling, possession, and storage of firearms. For political and legal issues concerning firearms, see Gun politics and Gun control. For the part of a firearm called a "safety" or "safety catch", see Safety firearms.

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