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While this is lumping a few separate jobs together, troops such as Navy SEALs, Army green berets, Air Force combat controllers, and others conduct particularly risky missions.

They get additional training and better equipment than other units, but the challenging nature of their mission results in a lot of casualties. Those missions were dangerous enough, but the rise of improvised explosive devices changed all that and increased the risk for these service members. The cavalry conducts reconnaissance and security missions and, if there is a shortage of infantry soldiers, is often called to take and hold territory against enemy formations.

The definitive glossary of modern US military slang

Their recon mission sometimes results in them fighting while vastly outnumbered. Combat engineers do dangerous construction work with the added hazard of combat operations going on all around them. The engineers also conduct a lot of the route clearance missions to find and destroy enemy IEDs and mines. Artillery soldiers send massive rounds against enemy forces.

Medics go forward with friendly forces to render aid under fire. But Some of these comments on here are total BS. If your a boot 03 you have done absolutely nothing and arnt any better than a pog. You can be from security forces or silent drill teem, come to the fleet as an nco and be a complete waist of space. No better than a pog. One afphgan deployment and one to Spain. I know my place though. I am proud of being a I tend to laugh at these comments more and more. A group of cocky little fucks that think they run shit. Sure because only grunts know how to fix things.

It seems to be a ground pounder ego thing. As a 88m I was on convoys all the time. Plenty of times we have been ambushed and had to return fire. Grunts are soldiers but are a different kind with a different mission. We had total shit bags in our unit just like anywhere else. Was it as much as the grunts suffered? Hell no! But we were soldiers and if you say we were not because we were not grunts then too bad. Another thing I noticed when on the state side that once in awhile a grunt will re class to a support MOS and its all good.

We have learned a lot from those guys when they switch over. Well, it is an ego thing. And it is earned. Everyone can have an ego if they know they do their job correctly. My GT was and in my platoon alone there were 3 people with GTs of over It takes a really smart person to learn all the battle drills, acronyms for everything, how to PMCS a MATV, sometimes do maintenance on them , write 5 paragraph OP orders, and eventually counsel and take care of your soldiers the same way finance or any other MOS does.

Grunts have stuff to worry about and study the same as any MOS, if not more than most. But here is the kicker: A cook does not have to worry about not getting to call his wife while they are away unless a mortar attack happens. A 88M does not have to worry about dismounting after they get hit, and if they do, they know that there is an Infantry QRF waiting eagerly in the dark nearby. I will not talk about 13F because we had some kick as FOs and 68W medics with us. I gave my medic my CIB when I earned it. This brings me to my next point: When respect is earned from an Infantrymen, it is given.

The medics in my company were treated like royalty. They saved lives of my friends and put their selves in harms way to save others. But not once did a cook help me. I ate MREs for almost 2 months because the road to get to our COP was too dangerous for the 88Ms and our supply company to bring us food or mail.

Not once did a MP save me while they slept in the towers when they were supposed to be on guard, or they complained because they went on a two hour mission across the street in trucks and they were too tired to pull ECP guard. POGS complain about shit that Grunts do, and dont think twice about doing. Back in garrison, working on a Saturday happens at least twice a month. PT isnt optional. We stay in the field overnight very often, sometimes 4 or 5 nights a week. POGs dont know that struggle. To summarize, I dont look down on POGs. I look down on POGs who say they can do my job, and havent walked 10 miles with my ruck sack on.

I actually wanted that MOS when I first joined the Army but shit happened and they gave me something else. If someone looked down on you and started talking shit first I understand that. I recognize that grunts have a way more dangerous job than the others do but some people make it their sole mission to go generalizing all other jobs in the military as all shitbags. Now put me in Iraq with a mission to accomplish that involves anything but a written test n I can garentee I will accomplish that mission or die trying. Do your job and be cool with it.

I just get irritated with people on here picking fights with people that are not infantry and trying to discredit them for doing their job. My only complaint. Never look down on grants and never will. I respect you for what they do. For all of the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines who come on here and cuss and belittle each other please go back to shoving your own head in the sand. It was my job to insure that the helicopters took off and God willing came back with no problems. In the Army National Guard I was a truck driver, you call we haul.

I was deployed only twice to a combat zone and both times all of my Brothers and Sisters all came home alive despite the constant efforts of the terrorists. I must say that I have alot of friends on both sides of this argument, and I have a great respect for any man or woman who is willing to put their name on the line and enlist into the military.

In Iraq with the National Guard I can only remember two missions that we had escort services provided to us. The rest of the time we pulled our own convoy security by any means necessary. Some of us were lucky enough to have all of the proper gear for gun mounts, but most of it was just stuff we could rig up ourselves. I remember having to live out of that same PLS because we may not see base camp for a month or more.

Showers were almost none existent unless you got lucky and a unit took pity on you and allowed you to use theirs. Like I said I was not a grunt, but still took my job seriously ensuring all of my Brothers and Sisters made it to our next stop alive, no matter the cost. I also made sure to deliver all of the goods needed to make missions and a few comforts possible.

The second tour I served as a guard at an Iraqi detention facility, where I was face to face with the same people Infantry captured because of possible crimes against allied forces. Anyway to my point I love all of my Brothers and Sisters who served no matter of branch or MOS, I truly believe that if we all tried to do the same the military would be a great deal better for it.

Our FO droppings willy P on fucking haji goat fuckers man.. All we see is red!!! And you fight the urge to tear the mother fuckers face apart..

See a Problem?

However we had issues with plenty of the POG officers about not shaving, hair cuts, etc jus bc we would run to eat real food after day missions before cleaning up. Jus my opinion. My grandfather served and so did my father. Now I am too. Both of them were grunts. I was raised with the idea that the military was the military. Infantry has it harder. They do. But they signed for it. You do your damn job because the less people have to worry about the better they perform. You messed up from the beginning. One of my fondest memories is of a mess sgt we had in Somalia. He would go the extra mile for us.

For example one night T-rat chicken was on the menu. Not this guy. He took it out of the can washed that nasty stuff they call gravy off and BBqed it. On the other hand a bad cook just makes a miserable situation even more miserable. Be proud of your MOS and what you do. I was an 88m and to this day I am still proud of what I did until I retired.

I want to be one of those dedicated come and i am proud. Apparently you are one of those that you mentioned…Please tell me how many logistics supply or intel are actually kicking in doors, setting up OPs, doing snatch and grabs? They maybe pulling PSD and gate guard.. Sit back in your air conditioned room and let the Men do the work. LOL who do you think gets intel? The recon platoon gets the intel and gives it to S2 dildo. I can do my job without support.

Support has no job without 11B and 18 series. MI guys do all that stuff, not scouts. Scouts report on disposition. Big, big difference. Google recon manual FM Control F and look for the push and pull method. Every single man in the army plays a vital role. Where in the hell would we be then? Every man does his job. Every man is important. January , Lieutenant General George S. It takes a special person to want that job much less to confidently do it. If you have a problem with being a POG please reclass and join the ranks. Otherwise stop bitching. Try being a rotary wing mechanic and try again, asshole.

If people never left the military, loudmouth assholes like you would never get promoted. Did it ever occur to you that the Infantry was another hundred miles out, busy with much more important shit? Big fucking woop! In two hours to two weeks, we can be taught most of the duties of a great deal of the MOSs. So yeah, suck it. Suck that big green dick with a blue chord tied around it like it your fucking birthday present, fuckface!

I joined the Infantry a few days after I never planned on making it a career. What else is there? One easy way to tell who is worth a fuck or not is this. ImmaPOG and I agree with this post. Everyone has their job to do and you gotta do it right. I was a 91B wheeled vehicle mechanic. I wanted infantry at first, but it wasnt open and they didnt tell me I could wait. Anyways, I enjoyed talking to the grunts when they brought vehicles. Good ol boys. Appreciated the time they took to hang around and chat when they werent patrolling. I took care of their vehicles and they took care of us.

Granted I could take care of myself if it called for it which only happened almost 1 time when I was a Gaurdian Angel for Higher Ups. A truck pulled up and I almost turned that bitch to swiss cheese until the terp stopped me, I guess he knew him. Honestly, the guy pulled up quick, stopped quick and I thought Vbied and was going to take chances with a second triggerman. Closest I came to killing someone. I enjoyed it though. Chinoocks, black hawks were fun to ride in, even though I waited to get hit by a recoilless but thank God it didnt happen.

Grunt | Definition of Grunt by Merriam-Webster

ANYWAYS, in the end I was a FoB hopper and got to meet Navy Seals and it was dope, they even brought back a dead dog on a homemade up armored dune buggy lmao because they didnt find no towel heads lmao. Great times. Moral of the story, everyone goes through different things but just wor together and stfu because we do what we gotta do and I respect the ones going out on the regular.

This is a cute chest thumping article, but seriously, screw infantry. And guess what? Man, what a bunch of bullshit. Fucking Marine Grunts. Same shit. Everybody is worthless but them. Well I have news for you. Everybody wants to say, when they are asked what they did in the military, I was a Grunt. I was a Supply Man, yes. They gave it to me. Someone has to different jobs in the military. I went there as a Supply Man. Guess what! I never saw a pencil, paper, supply tent or any of that shit. But in that vein, what if you came back to the CP after being out in the bush for two weeks and there was no chow for you to eat except a few crackers and cheese.

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You need to thank the cooks that kept you alive and the supply men who kept you armed. I give all you grunts all the glory and acknowledgement you so badly need and want. But never forget, WE are all brothers. Sometimes just being there can get you killed. A cook or a truck driver or a supply man has no guarantees he will survive, especially in a war like Vietnam or even TWOT! You did what you were told. Infantry MOS, smesh, barf. Makes no difference. In NAM, many of us felt the fear and the pain and suffering the grunts did. We deserve all the respect. I wonder how long you would survive.

Well guess again. Wounded twice while out in the boonies with the grunts. This is all a bunch of bullshit. That is their mentality. Laugh it off. It was strictly because those that called me that knew my MOS was supply. I admire grunts because they HAVE to spend all their days in the field.

You get what THEY give you, no more, no less. And you do what they tell you and no questions asked. And I would do it again if they would let me. I have enough savvy and desire to live that I can kill the enemy just as dead as any grunt. Infantry has been talking this shit since the beginning of the existence of the military. You know what the military did for me, it made me realize that I can do anything when some Sgt. If he said shoot yourself in the leg, I would have done it.

PAIN is just evil leaving your body! And by the way, I was not a grunt but I could do anything they did and would have loved doing it. I know what its all about mainly from seeing it online from sites like this and especially Facebook. And from some of my reserve buddies who used to be active duty as infantry. We all get it…………. No argument with that so move on with it. If I can guess a lot of the chest thumpers on here are civilians now so that speaks volumes in of itself. Oh well I guess its just something that the active duties guys will bitch about between each other till the end of time.

We were at a 30 man SHF retransmission site. Providing our own security, performing our own patrols, searching vehicles and military aged males. Did we kick down doors? Did we take the fight to the enemy?

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Grunts did that shit. Does that bother me? Grunts take the brunt of enemy fire, but POGs take fire too. We need each other. Its through training and experience that they become who they end up being when they leave the service. Only a brainless, knuckle-dragging grunt would believe that the world revolves around their. I sat back, read it, re-read it, and realized that I was angry and my comment deeply reflected that so I deleted it. I am still full of hate and discontent but I see no reason to fuel a fire. If you can not see this then I advise you to seek help…professional help.

For those of you who got their shit together and did your job no matter what it was I thank you. Arguing will solve nothing here. Remember those who served and served well but always honor the fallen. Semper Fi. So by degrading my MOS to justify your self worth to a tool that shares my MOS makes you any better than the perpetrator in the first place?

Who uses. The support side of the Army has lost the reality that without grunts on the ground you have no job. Shut up and enjoy the path you chose. If you need more self worth then reclass. POG is the life you chose, be happy with it or call yourself a grunt. Nobody fucks with a hellfire missile. I am a MP and went on over missions in 9 Months outside the wire and guess who was attached to our PSD team Infantry they were working for us hmmmm ….

Trying to make it clear I mean MD doctor or surgeon not combat medic. I respect them just as much as I respect my Grandmother. Not 11B so in terms of shooting shit up they rate very low on that regard. This is the most pathetic, shameful article and responses I have read in a while. Every year we are pulled together more as one team and one joint fighting force and someone really needed to put something as stupid as POG in place? We all make a commitment to our country, and go where we are needed the most.

You all sound like a bunch of whiny schoolgirls fighting for prom queen. Damn embarrassing. Was drafted in Mos 11B. Polk, Tigerland. Served as 11B in Vietnam. Always tried to give a troop wearing a C. Called more 1Sgts. Most thanked me. Have seen both sides. I am all for an exchange of ideas and as a former grunt I can tolerate colorful language. Grow up or get out. Because this whole article is full of comments with name calling, very little intelligence, and complete disrespect to fellow soldiers.

Regardless of MOS, we take the same oath and serve under the same flag. Discussions like this are the exact reason we constantly get sexual harassment and equal opportunity training jammed down our throats when we could be doing a million more productive things. Pog Lives Matter…….. Should riot, loot and harm your own communities to get your point across. I was an 88m in Iraq in my unit took two KIA and 32 wounded in action. I was on the mission that killed the 2nd soldier a 25 year old LT, he was killed instantly by a car bomb. I was in two fire firefights that I got to fire back, I however drove through many ambushes and IEDs.

The only difference between us and infantryman is the fact that infantryman hunt. They use us as bait, happened a lot on my second tour. Infantry is always on the offense, 88m are always on the defense. Unfortunately your article pretty much just reinforces the fact that infantry think that everyone else is useless.

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Not everyone can make infantry some are far too smart, and are needed for more advanced stuff rather than being cannon fodder and not everyone can or should be in the military. Proud civilian here, army of none. I have fought my own battles that would challenge any infantryman. Concordantly I have very little respect for the military and view them pretty much as just a necessary evil. I was a Marine. My job specialties were Intelligence Specialist and Recruiter. In the recruiter office, you could not thump your chest about your 80 GT MOS to sound cool to a bunch of impressionable kids.

It matters not though. After all, once you get out, every civilian knows that every Marine is a rifleman. If you did? Now they are still Pogs, but during deployment you did 10x better than the ones who lived on the fob. You experienced true deployment. The FOB is the true test of deployment. The FOB is always a place of high end vacationing that you can always go back to. We knew we could never go back there until the deployment was done.

No AC, no electricity, walking in rivers of piss and shit that went up to your waist, 0 privacy, packing in portopotties with your feet because the shit is piling higher than the seat. Having to sleep in full gear because of the constant mortars hitting our small ass house. The FOB. Infantrymen never get to see them. Christmas, thanksgiving, other holidays, we never even really have a sense of what day or month it is.

We never get to see some bullshit Santa or having turkey. They say play Xbox. I asked what do they do after work? Play Xbox. Gotta love internet gaming on Call of duty. But the only irritation is the FOB. I hate the fob. It creates the severe distinction that we are very different solely because of all the amnenities they have.

Own rooms for god sake? It is only the Fob that creates the divide to me. Fobs should take down ALL amnenities to at least a level that seems like a deployment. You have the free time to work out extensively to get pure definition, and you have time to do college work. The job is constant and we cannot afford those luxuries. Getting over , going into the extended scale was minimum.

The Military’s Purpose is Not to Kill People and Break Things

We cannot. Having read the comments, it seems that you are all a bunch of little whining bitches. Grow up, get a life and learn the meaning of teamwork. This blog is sad to see, Glad Fort Dix has not tooken this approach. Most still miss the point. I was Motor T. A POG.

Helmand Province POGS should respect the infantrymen. No doubt. You guys did the real shit. I wanted to find IEDS. I was informed at boot camp that I would be B6 Ground option. Motor T is where I went. I fucking loved motor t it ended up being fun driving big trucks. IN country we found ourselves operating around Nowzad.

The marines fighting there were the best of the best and battle hardened. I could never compare myself to one of those men. But I can say that it can be frustrating to a POG when you get off of a 55 hour convoy where we hit multiple IEDS,watch your buddies being blown out of trucks, youre stuck in a vehicle that you have no range of motion whatsoever, nobody to talk to and when you get to the place youre going, the men there hate you.

Yet we build your squad huts, build your berms, youre guard towers, your showers, purify your water, bring you your mail, bring your ammo, and then when your short on men, accompany you on pushes or missions. I seen a lot of things in country that I thought there was no way I was going to see because I was a pog. But I can tell you how frustrating it is to go all over Helmand province, get shot at over and over, hit IEDS every time we move, watch your buddies get hit, and never get to go after the people trying to kill you.

Not to mention some of the collateral damage we all see. Being a pog is nothing like being an Infantryman, you guys are the fighters, and I commend you and am thankful for you guys. The Dogtag Chronicles. Skip to content. By: Peter Sessum A put together M mount. Any questions? Like this: Like Loading Bookmark the permalink.

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