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Buffett is not investor — he is an owner. That is not what Buffett does. Warren Buffett buys enough stock to have himself placed on the boards of companies.

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Even in the beginning, when he was not quite a millionaire, the investment partnership he ran bought into a company called Sanborn Map Company, where he was made a board member. But this is not what you and I can do.

This point is important for two reasons. First, it takes some of the glow and allure away from what Buffett does. He does not just find an undervalued company, buy it, and sit back in Omaha to count the money he makes.

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Yes, he is meticulous about the companies he buys. However, early in his career, he got into the trenches, so to speak, and had an active hand in what many companies he invested in were doing. Second, it emphasizes the fact that if you want wealth, you must be an owner. If, however, you want that cash a bit sooner, then the best way is to own or be involved in ownership of a business. When you buy and hold a stock, you buy it and hold it no matter what. It does not matter if there is good news or bad news, a Democrat or Republican president, a recession or an economic boom.

You hold the stock through good times and bad.

Buffett, on the other hand, buys for specific reasons, and when those reasons are no longer present, he sells. For example, in a letter to shareholders, he cited GM, Sears, and IBM as companies that were great, but could not stay competitive in their marketplace, and so they would have been companies to dump out of a portfolio.

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Buying a stock and holding it forever is not what the Sage of Omaha does. Of the first 20 companies in which Buffett invested, the only one he still holds is Berkshire Hathaway, and that is probably only for its name. Each of the other 19 he no longer owns. Yet, we have writers, financial advisors, business news heads, and self-proclaimed investment educators who tell you to do just that.

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The steps are simple to understand, though they may not be easy to implement:. Your reason for making this purchase could have been that you saw the wave of the iPhone and iTunes, and these products were dominating the market. However, the reasons to buy Apple had not changed, so it would have been smart to keep your shares and even buy more.

Contrast that with Yahoo!

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It used to dominate the world of search engines, and then a little company called Google appeared. For that reason, financial advisers Larry Swedroe and Jared Kizer designed this book to bring investors up to speed on the twenty most popular alternative investments.

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Swedroe From Larry Swedroe, the author of the bestselling series of "The Only Guide" investment books, with Kevin Grogan and Tiya Lim comes a step-by-step handbook that shows you how to develop a winning personal investment strategy and reveals what it takes to make that strategy part of your overall financial plan. Swedroe Over the past 20 years smart investors began switching to index mutual funds to keep more of their money. Index funds buy and hold all of the stocks in an index, dramatically reducing trading costs and taxes. And now, with Larry Swedroe's expert advice, the small investor can take advantage of this investment strategy and win big.

Swedroe Everyone makes mistakes. This book shows you how to make money. Swedroe What does it take to achieve superior performance and become a successful investor?

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Rather than great stock pricing or market timing skills, it is far better for you to understand how the markets work and how to make them work best for you. Swedroe In his revolutionary new guide, investment professional Larry Swedroe explains why active managers have rarely been able to add value to your portfolio over time. He dispenses with traditional Wall Street wisdom and experts and shows you how to invest the way really smart money invests today. Related Insights No related posts. Ideas in your inbox.

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    In she took a low-level auditing job at the Internal Revenue Service, retiring in Over the next 51 years she lived an anonymous life in a rent-controlled apartment in New York. She put the financial skills she had gained as an auditor to work, buying the industrial companies and blue-chip shares she thought best placed to prosper. She was also frugal, wearing clothes that were decades old. This works out at a return of around