How To Do Responsive Article Marketing

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Then we contextualize our services with your business and suggest a customized implementation of services. This could be anything from social media interactions and blog comments to direct customer complaints and internal restrictions of the business like time and technology.

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Say you work for a brand like Nike. Obviously you want to capitalize on current events and you are well aware that the World Cup is fast approaching. The big synonym for responsive marketing could be satisfaction marketing. And all of that can be done by setting up a strategy and then monitoring the channels.

Staying on top of the conversation and providing customer satisfaction as part of your strategy will prove to be beneficial at growing your business. This article originally appeared on Inbound Marketing Tips For Business Owners and has been republished with permission.

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What Is Responsive Web Design? (And How It Works)

Find out how to syndicate your content with B2C. Join over 50, of your peers and receive our weekly newsletter which features the top trends, news and expert analysis to help keep you ahead of the curve. There are too many…. Hopefully, this will get your week off to…. When I was first involved in email marketing 10 years ago, there were no smartphones. I rather spent my time on the design and marketing side of things and was always looking for ways to create something which stands out from the crowd. If you want to learn more about email design, check out our other articles in our series.

All of them are unique and will give you deep understanding on each topic covered.

Add responsive designs into your workflow

The goal of this article is to give non-developer email marketers a bit of technical glance into some of the most commonly used email coding approaches. Now with designers and marketers looking for more control over their email designs, their focus has shifted towards newer methods of engagement, like responsive and hybrid email design. These techniques make it easy for emails to be viewed on both desktop and mobile devices, without any important content differences, only a change in the layout. But what is the difference between these two methods?

What about simpler and older techniques, such as scalable and fluid email design? In this article, we will discuss the characteristics of each method of email design, provide examples for comparison, and help you decide which method is the best option for you. These components allow for a consistent display on desktop and mobile devices.

Also, since the size of displays can vary among different devices, it is recommended to place the most vital information of your campaign on the left side of your email where it will be the most visible. Scalable designs are a good starting point for companies that want to make the transition towards mobile-friendly email design.

It allows your emails to be viewed as virtually the same on desktop and mobile devices. However, more advanced solutions are available for those that want greater control over their marketing campaigns.

Responsive Design & User Experience

The image below depicts a simple and scalable email design with a single column layout on the desktop as well as mobile devices. Source: Litmus. Check out the following email from Pinterest that uses a scalable design.

Responsive Web Design

The desktop view is on the left side, and the mobile view is on the right side. Both copies use the same scalable design, and only the font size of the footer has changed between the two copies. Desktop View. Mobile View. Source: Really Good Emails. Similar to scalable designs, fluid designs maintain relatively the same layout among different devices. While the mobile and desktop experience are very similar, the desktop website feels like it was made primarily for mobile -- which could be the direction sites will go in the future.

And if you'd prefer not to engage in the conversation-like exchange, you can simply scroll down for details. Elf on the Shelf is, relatively speaking, a fairly new Christmas tradition based on a children's book. If you're unfamiliar, the basic premise is this: The book tells the story of Santa's scout elves, who are sent by Santa to watch over children in their homes all over the world and report back to Santa. Along with the book, parents can purchase an elf figurine, which they'll subtly place somewhere in their house where their kids can see it.

Every night leading up to Christmas, parents move the elf to a different location around their house to "prove" to their kids that the scout elves are real and always looking over them. When you first arrive on Elf on the Shelf's website, you'll see there are actually numerous types of Elf on the Shelf products you can purchase. But instead of forcing users to scroll through each product individually, the web designers package each product into a large, enticing tile describing the goal of each buyer's journey, with the featured item displayed on the front.

You're not buying your own elf or pup -- you're adopting it. It's a truly empowering experience on such a small screen. BuzzFeed is a news company known for it's viral content and popular quizzes. It also happens to be one of my favorite sources of entertainment during my commute to and from work. And where do you think I'm checking BuzzFeed during my commute?

You guessed it: on my phone. BuzzFeed knows that a lot of their visitors are visiting their site on mobile, so they've taken great care to create a smooth experience for their on-the-go readers. When you arrive at BuzzFeed's mobile website, the first thing you'll see is some of their most popular pieces of content displayed in a simple, collage-like format using large images that are easy to tap with your finger.

3 Ways Responsive Design Can Benefit Your Blog

For users interested in specific categories, there's a clickable menu in the top left-hand corner of the screen that lists out all the post categories. Evernote is an application that allows you to store notes, images, and web articles and then access them across all your devices. Because users tend to download the app or access the website on multiple devices including desktop computer, smartphone, and tablets, it's essential that Evernote get the mobile experience right.

If you look at Evernote's homepage on your desktop computer, you'll notice how clean the design is. The value statements are short and to-the-point, and the graphics add to the brand's positioning but don't clutter the page. When you look at Evernote's mobile website, you can see they've kept their color palate and general brand style entirely intact.

The company's mobile website is clean, simple, and doesn't detract at all from the value of the app. Evernote's conversion path is obvious from the centered call-to-action: "Sign up for free. Pixelgrade's Pile theme allows you to properly showcase your services and previous work and doesn't sacrifice mobile design. The theme is optimized for mobile devices while delivering on your content's intended message and aesthetic at the same time.

The Huffington Post is a well-known news outlet that reports from everything from politics and current events to entertainment and technology.

Responsive Ads meets Content Marketing - Fluid Carousel with Articles

What makes their mobile website unique is that they actually alter their headlines slightly for mobile users so their content is more easily scannable. If you compare the desktop versus mobile websites, you'll notice that the mobile website has fewer words on the homepage. The headlines are shorter and much more digestible -- perfect for someone skimming or reading on a small screen.

As with BuzzFeed, you'll find a clickable menu in the top left-hand corner of the screen listing out all the post categories.

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  • Express is a clothing store that caters to young men and women. Because their audience often comes to their website to browse clothing, it's important for their website to include big, clear images of their clothing -- especially on mobile devices, when users will need to tap items on the screen with their fingers to click through for purchase information. Express takes their mobile experience a step further than most online retail sites.

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    • If you slide your finger from left to right across an image showing a piece of clothing, the image will change so you can see the clothing in a different view. In other words, users don't have to load another page to see multiple pictures of the same article of clothing. Look at the image on the top right in the following two images to see how it changes when you swipe to one side:. Nationwide Insurance provides insurance and financial services.

      You might think a financial company would have a really complicated website, but on mobile, Nationwide Insurance nails down the simple user experience. When you arrive on Nationwide's mobile site, you'll see two tabs at the top allowing you to identify as one of two types of users right away to customize your experience: Personal or Business.

      Or, alternatively, you can "Find an Agent" or "Find an financial advisor" to learn more information about their services. Although limiting the experience to these two options excludes Nationwide's more in-depth features, it makes for a much easier experience for visitors using small screens. This is a great technique to lead potential customers in the right direction if they're not yet account-holders and are visiting the website for the first time.

      Squaredot is an agency based in Dublin, Ireland that helps marketers build out their inbound marketing strategies. Their mobile website is colorful, simple, and makes for easy navigating.