How to be a SUCCESSFUL Personal Trainer

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Some of the best and most successful professionals have been turned down for a job at one time or another. The key is to pick yourself back up and keep looking. Follow the steps above and enjoy your new career as a health and fitness professional. Starting out, fitness professionals can decide the environment they prefer to work in — whether in a health club as part of a team or on their own. Opportunities in the field of personal training are growing rapidly and a large influx of trainers are entering the market, increasing job applicant competition. Brian Sutton is a year veteran in the health and fitness industry, working as a personal trainer, author, and content manager.

Certified Personal Trainer.

5 Tips To Become A Successful Personal Trainer

How many hours in a week are you willing to work? How will your new career affect your family and loved ones? What are your financial goals?

What do you want to be doing 5 years from now? What type of clients do you like to work with youth, elderly, athletes, etc. Are you willing to relocate? Is travel or a long commute involved? Do you need additional certifications, schooling, or training? Tags: career personal training personal trainer certification personal trainer job search.


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Mistake 4: Having a subpar marketing plan

Then, when you get back, you work doubly hard again to get everyone motivated and training. I did this for a couple of years and it can lead to burn out. A s the weeks roll on, you get to know more about your client than their squat thrust record or their m row PB. There is a lot more to being a personal trainer than giving out fitness advice. S cott Laidler is a personal trainer and personal development coach based in London. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future.

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How To Start An Insanely Successful Personal Training Business

Time for an espresso. As housing estate agents almost never say: it's all about reputation, reputation, reputation. Your presence makes others feel guilty "Oh, Scott, look, I'm eating an iced bun. Any anyway, what else would you expect with all that tight clothing on show? We've noticed you're adblocking. We rely on advertising to help fund our award-winning journalism. Thank you for your support. You can have a lot of letters behind your name and a hundred certifications in your pocket, but without a plan for your business, you'll never get to utilize them.

I started out as a dime-a-dozen personal trainer; now I have a booming business of high-end clients. I've learned a few things about what it takes to do well in this industry outside the gym, and I want you to achieve the same success I've had as a trainer. This is how you do it.

Personal training is all about who you know. If you build a strong network, success will follow.

follow site When I first started as a personal trainer, I took every opportunity I could get to shake a hand. Social life and business go hand in hand for an entrepreneur, so never miss out on potential networking opportunities. It may be difficult to balance socializing and a healthy lifestyle—your body is your business card, after all—but meeting new people and engaging in your community are essential components of building your network. Take every opportunity you can within the limits of your own health and well-being.

Local clinics, wellness fairs, fitness expos, workshops, and even business events are great places to start. They'll provide you the opportunity to meet new people, and a platform for new people to meet you. When you attend events like these, be sure to bring fliers or business cards that include your contact information.

People should be able to easily reach you when they're ready to start training! Many trainers and entrepreneurs hype themselves up to obtain a client or business relationship, only to fall flat once the client is secured. This is probably what destroys most personal training careers. Word of mouth is the best type of advertising, so if a client or business partner doesn't have a good experience with you or your business, you can kiss your good reputation and your hopes of new clients goodbye.

Instead of promising the moon, create goals with your client. More importantly, treat every single client like they are the only client you have. Going above and beyond for each and every individual will result in new business and new opportunities.