Fires of Siberia

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Basically the policy says that the remote forest fires should be left alone to burn out, if the economical cost of extinguishing the fire is greater than the economical value of the material burned. So unless the forest fires are threatening human property, infrastructure and lives directly, they are left to burn. Unless the economical value of the material burned by the fire, is greater than the cost of extinguishing it. The policy was put on hold when the forest fires were raging to such a degree, that the smoke from the fires was effecting towns many hundred kilometers away from the source.

Some agencies estimate that the burned area so far, has exceeded Fires that are below clouds cannot be detected, and are not shown.

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Most of the fires are remote and hard to reach, yet still having widespread influence. Forest fires are always a huge problem, for people, wildlife and also generally for the environment.

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Vast amounts of smoke and ash, especially near the polar circle, can also have indirect effects on the climate. One of the problems is caused by the black carbon soot.

Black carbon is a pollutant found all around the globe. It is produced by factories, vehicles, heating furnaces, etc… Which is why we can see it all around the world in various concentrations usually in high concentrations in heavy industrial regions of east Asia. Black carbon particles from forest Siberian forest fires, fall down to the arctic ice. As these particles are black, they absorb sunlight and can accelerate ice melt if found in high enough concentrations.

Our graphic shows black carbon concentrations, where high values can be seen emerging from the Siberian forest fires, circulating into the polar circle.

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  4. That is a huge chunk of the 1. A majority of the fires are in inaccessible areas. Russian president Vladimir Putin and officials have reportedly said they will only extinguish them if the cost of destruction is more than the price to put them out, which is not yet the case. This fire-righting strategy is based on a law from Yet critics say that is not the right strategy, partly because the smoke from the wildfires has traveled and lingers in the nearby cities of Novosibirsk and Krasnoyars.

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    • Siberia wildfires: Russians battle to contain the blazes.
    • Over 15, Square Miles of Siberia Are on Fire and It's “a Global Ecological Catastrophe” - VICE.

    These cities are hundreds of miles from the epicenter of the wildfires, yet are homes to millions of people, posing serious health threats. However, similar to the fire in the Amazon rainforest , there could be a huge price to pay for letting these fires rage on their own.

    Russia to probe if forest fires in Siberia were set deliberately - National |

    Like the Amazonian fires, the Siberian fires have the potential to accelerate global warming. The problem of wildfires should be addressed at the international level in the global climate agreements to keep global warming below 1. They could accelerate melting, which will increase the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere. Likewise, melting of the ice sheets might free previously-trapped permafrost methane, a greenhouse gas more potent than carbon dioxide and which is not absorbed in photosynthesis.

    Fire and Climate History in the Central Yenisey Region, Siberia

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    'Ecological catastrophe'

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