Attaining to the Out-resurrection

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But what about the other parts of our being, such as our mind, emotion, will, and heart? When we were regenerated in our spirit, these parts were not yet resurrected. Much of theology is too doctrinal and cannot be applied to our experience.


Theology may merely tell us that if a believer dies before the Lord Jesus comes back, he will eventually be resurrected from the grave. This, of course, is correct, but it is not a very practical teaching. From that time onward, our Christian walk is a process of resurrection. Day by day, God is processing us from the natural life to the resurrected life. This is a continual process, not a once-for-all experience. Suppose a certain brother is baptized, realizing that his natural life is being buried and that he has been quickened by the divine life.

From that time onward, he begins to walk toward the goal of having his entire being brought into resurrection.

He loves the Lord and prays to the Lord with the expectation that eventually every part of him will be resurrected. He begins to have the excellency of the knowledge of Christ and, one by one, he begins to count things loss so that he may gain Christ and be found in Him in a condition of not having his own righteousness out from the law, but of having God Himself lived out of him as his righteousness.

He also begins to experientially know Christ, the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His sufferings. Gradually, he also begins to be conformed to the death of Christ. As he seeks the Lord and experiences Him, he spontaneously realizes, item by item, the things in him that have been terminated. For example, one day he may come to see that his love for his wife should not be a natural love. Thus, he may pray, "Lord, I confess that my love for my wife has been a natural love. Grant me the grace to live a crucified life with my wife. Several days later he may realize that even his contact with the saints has been too natural.

He has cared for the saints and tried to shepherd them, but even in his shepherding he has been too natural. Therefore, he prays and confesses this matter to the Lord, asking Him for the grace to no longer shepherd the saints according to his natural life. He may pray, "Lord, I want to be conformed to Your death.

Like You, I want to live a crucified life. When You were on earth, You did not love people or care for them according to the natural life.

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Everything You did was in resurrection. Lord, grant me the grace that from now on I will not shepherd Your saints in my natural life, but in You.

January 16, at pm. However, I think this is wasted concern.

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The point of this passage is not that all believers have to strive for this high calling, only that Paul had to strive for it. As such, he is giving himself as an example.

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Paul is talking about something he had to do, not that we have to do. Paul had become a believer during the Acts period, and was therefore automatically a part of that company of believers.

The Out-Resurrection | Precepts

When, however, the revelation of the dispensation of grace was given him, he became enamored with this new calling and company, and wanted to become a part of it. This was far from automatic, since he already was part of a company, and indeed held a very privileged position within it. To switch companies was something he had to strive for. Yet for those of us who have believed in the dispensation of grace, we are automatically a part of the high calling by believing, and we do not have to strive for this at all. Paul in this passage is giving himself as an example of letting go of what is behind to reach forth unto what is ahead.

Attaining the Resurrection

He is willing to give up the things that were most valuable to him in the Acts period in order to get closer to Christ. His attitude is an example of the attitude each of us should have. Yet we cannot do what Paul did. For one thing, the things Paul was willing to leave behind we never had in the first place. For another, we do not have to strive for the high calling, since we are already in it. These things Paul was doing are simply not anything we can do today. That said, I do think there are rewards for faithful service.

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